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T-MOTOR FPV X SPORT: Season 1 Theme: Buildings

T-motor / 2017-04-27

T-MOTOR FPV X SPORT—— Season 1  Theme: Buildings
“X” means infinite possibilities, mystery and innovation.
T-MOTOR FPV X SPORT Season 1 is now officially launched. 

No limitation to flight manifestations or locations. 
Flying in the places of landmark and the tallest building 
Do the way that you think is creative and appealing enough.
Be bold, wild and imaginative. Challenge the extreme flight.

T-MOTOR will be supportive.
Part1 Activity Instruction
1. Age, gender and country---unlimited
2. Name and country should be marked in the video
3. 1-3mins video with BGM
4. Flight with T-MOTOR motors
5. Videos should be with subtitles of introduction
6. Please watermark the video with T-MOTOR logo
7. Please post your video on your Facebook, and offer Doris/Jessica the link
Doris :
Jessica :
8. Your video should include the specified three actions of orbit flying around the foot, the mid-height and the top of the building(s).
Part2 Time Course
1. Video submission by October 10 
2. Results will be published on T-MOTOR facebook page, social media and website by October 20
3. Prizes will be dispatched to the winners after October 25.
Part3 Awards:
Best Video-Popularity: Free new products+An USD800 coupon+Custom motors with laser 
-- Criteria: Video with the most shares and likes
Best video-Skill: 30% discount on FPV products for 6 months+An USD400 coupon+Custom motors with laser
--Criteria: Positive reviews on the video & pilot performance
Best video-Novelty: Secret gift+An USD800 coupon+Custom motors with laser
--Criteria: The innovation index of the video
Best Video-View: USD300 coupon+Custom motors with laser
--Criteria: The view and building in the video
Best Video-BGM: An USD200 coupon; Custom motors with laser
--Criteria: match quality of BGM and video
All coupon expiration date on 1st November 2017
Participants will be given T-shirt and hat when placing online orders.
Part4 Others
For the winners, T-MOTOR will grant 
certificates and trophies. Videos will be permanently filed on T-MOTOR official website with pilot profile.
Join us in T-MOTOR FPV group and interact with T-MOTOR users. Stay tuned for latest information :
Should you have any questions, please feel free to leave us messages on T-MOTOR facebook page.