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World’s Largest FPV Quadcopter

T-motor / 2017-04-27

Being impressed by the videos they have been making earlier, we entered into sponsorship with the American team Flite Test.


With trial and crashes, the giant drone finally has its debut in the sky. Kombini flight controller was replaced with a full-sized Vector flight controller. With this replacement, the giant quad flew beautifully! They also increased the rates to get it to maneuver better. Initially the giant drone took flight with two 12,000mAh batteries and then upped the ante with two 26,000mAh batteries. The beast flew like butter; especially with the 26,000mAh batteries



Now, here comes the GIANT FPV quadcopter, and it is time to share with T-MOTOR fans. Hope you like it.


T-MOTOR MOTOR P80 KV120 (Target agricultural application now finds its new life in FPV)

T-MOTOR PROP G28*9.2-2PCS/PAIR (The upgraded version of traditional G28*9.2-4PC/PAIR with higher efficiency)

T-MOTOR ESC Flame80A (Classical ESC)