T-motor is the industry leader in component design and manufacturing for UAV and multirotor systems .

As a supplier who specialized in producing and marketing brushless motor for 7 years , we are focus on extremely safety dynamical system , we have abundant technical strength , can according to your requirements to make and design the products , offer the best quality and service to you .

Our full coverage line of components from light weight FPV racing to heavy lift brushless motor , carbon fiber propeller blades , to ESC have flush and set the standard in the multirotor industry up to date .

Known for quality , durability and performance , T-motor can create simple changes to standard off-the-shelf items or manufacture your unique design and application .



T-motor is a team of profession , innovation and passion .

With after so many years devotion and persistence for R&D , we can do OEM and ODM business and guarantee you the excellent motor and after-sale service .

Now T-motor is a world famous brand , we have more than 150 distributors all over the world .

It is a reliable partner and successful company that cares about open communication and fair relations between people .

In addition to the consistency of quality delivered with our products m there are many reasons to choose T-motor to design and build your custom BLDC motors and ESCs . With core capabilities in design and engineering , we have an established reputation for innovation , vertical integration , and on-time delivery .

l R&D Department : R&D with pursuit of innovation and quality , but also attach significance to details and user experience . All products feature detailed design intent , finite-element analysis , and the strictest machine guidelines .

l Production Department : Produce perfect products with best raw materials and advanced production technology and equipment .

l QC Department : Carry out inspection in each process from raw materials to finished products to make sure impeccable products reach our customers. (ISO 9001 certification for production facilities , RoHS , WEEE and CE compliant)

l Sales Department : Communicate with profession and passion , supplying thoughtful service for customers .


T-motor custom components provide fast time-to-market and ease in system integration .

At T-motor , we’re excited to be at the forefront of product design and manufacturing for the UAV industry .

Contact T-motor ( for customized design inquires and more information about custom product capabilities .